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Anne Perry

New York Times Best Seller


"John Lawson was a man who had profiteered on the weakness, fear and vice of others. If A Wicked Man is told faithfully, in simple language, no excuses. Read it, and believe that there is always hope."


Anne Perry is the international bestselling author of over fifty novels, which have sold over 25 million copies.  The Times selected her as one of the 20th Century’s "100 Masters of Crime".  In 2015 she was awarded the Premio de Honor Aragón Negro.

Rocco Morrelli

Former Mafia Prince and author of Forgetta 'bout it


'If a Wicked Man' is a book I can easily relate to, the love of money and a cold heart can drive violent men like us to take by force what we feel society owes us. Brutally honest, deadly serious, yet strangely funny at times. A compelling story of a wicked and violent man...with an unexpected twist.


At the age of 15, Rocco Morelli was already on his way up the ladder of life in the big time. A hometown Mafia "prince" with family roots that sink deep into organized crime, Morelli was cursed to repeat the sins of his fathers until he too had a life-changing encounter.

Major General Tim Cross

Special advisor to the UK Government 


'A truly powerful account of a life changed.'


Since retiring from the Army in 2007, Cross serves as an advisor to the House of Commons Defence Select Committee and to several private companies, and is a visiting lecturer at several British universities

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