"Wickedness, where does it come from? What causes an intelligent man with an innate sense of justice to choose a life of crime, violence and evil? Is money the only root cause? John has a loving, caring mother whose husband deserted her leaving the young John and his brother fatherless. There is no doubt that the deep hurt this caused impelled John to fight back, become proud of his 'hard' reputation, careless of the damage and havoc he wrought all around. Can nothing appeal to such a man and make him redeemable?
This is a book all parents - I was tempted to say especially fathers - should read before contemplating a behaviour which could jeopardise the future of their children."

Jill Hughes Amazon

"A well written and thought provoking insight into the life of a man who has transformed his life of violence and crime into a powerful story of hope and redemption, his is a story that is sometimes tragic,sometimes funny,sometimes frightening but always entertaining."
David Rice Amazon customer
"Excellent account of a life of crime viewed from the inside. Great read, especially as I was a Met Police officer and saw things from the outside during the 80's. Read it in 2 days."
Paul Senior Amazon customer
"If a wicked man is a compelling testimony of a radical transformation of a gangster. you will start to read this and wont be able to put it down as you want to find out the next part. This will appeal to anyone as everyone, men and women alike. Many of us have a past we want to turn away from and take on the new... Would definitely recommend."
By Debra on 3 May 2016 Amazon
"Just Finished reading this book. Don't normally go for True crime books as they always try and make out how hard or scary they are. this was different, I found it open and honest and above all compelling. I was reading this book at work and on the train. I loved the ending and all the twists. highly recommend if you like true stories."
Doc Martin on ‎22‎/‎04‎/‎2016 WHSMITH
"Just read this book over three nights - I couldn't put it down. It was well written and seriously interesting right through. I knew what to expect, as I had met John Lawson briefly some time ago, at one of his talks. It was a first class crime story, with all the violence one might expect of a serious criminal. To hear of someone having such a violent and brutal past being given and accepting a way to redeem himself, was and is awesome."
By Bill C on 24 July 2016 Amazon

I totally fell in love with this book, a real page turner, What an insight into this mans life. I love True Crime Novels and this is the Only True Crime Biography that reads like a novel. Fantastic read and was sorry to finish it.....I still wanted more...that's a good thing

TopJenn on ‎22‎/‎04‎/‎2016. WHSMITH
"Descriptively written by John Sealey, what an incredible life the subject John Lawson lived. One of the best True Crime books I have read. It actually reads like a film script and I hope to see it on the screen one day. As much as this man committed violent crime, you can't help but feel for him. Love the ending that proves it possible for a criminal to truly change"
by Diana Windsor Waterstones


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